World of Trade 2018
International Retail Convention in Astana
June 28-29, 2018
With the official support of akimat of Astana city:
All business events of EXIM Partners are held with the participation of representatives of the Ministries of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ECE, industry associations of Kazakhstan and Russia, embassies of foreign countries
The mission of the Convention is to increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstani companies by attracting technologies of the future into retail and consumer goods production industries.
In anticipation of 20-years anniversary of Astana capital city, top managers of the leading retail chains and manufacturers from 35 countries come together!
World digitalization in trade, international logistics, export and import relations in modern conditions, trends in the development of modern retail in Kazakhstan and the world!
Objectives of the Convention:

  • To arrange business meetings of representatives of leading foreign and Kazakhstani business circles in the form of forum and industry-specific business sessions
  • To develop and promote export potential of domestic producers.
  • To analyze/study and evaluate current and future trends in digitalization of industries, their impact on business growth potential, including logistics, pay systems and legal framework issues.
  • To discuss wide range of issues on prospects and trends in the trade industry and their impact on the competitiveness of the economy.
  • To promote investment image of native retail market..

To make this event the most useful to its participants, we decided to divide the entire space into 10 zones. Each will have its own program. Each will be decorated in its own style with addition of interactive elements and a variety of activities.
International Center for Negotiations of Retailers and Suppliers of EEU Countries
- is the space for bilateral blitz-negotiations between suppliers and purchasing directors. It may become the world's largest meeting of manufacturers and retailers in this format.

For the first time in the history of our projects Negotiation Centre will be opened with Focus session with top managers of retail chains «PURCHASING POLICY» .

More than 100 trade networks from the CIS countries, distributors, operators of international electronic commerce will join the negotiations on the part of retail.
National manufacturers from 35 countries of the world together with native manufacturers will present their products.

Our partners
Regular participants of our events
City hypermarket
A real grocery store, but with a very wide assortment. More than 200 food companies will place samples of their products on the shelves of the hypermarket. The store is located next to the International Center for Procurement of Trade Networks of the EEU countries. This is convenient for the negotiators: it will be possible to show the samples of the goods to partners at any time.
Smart city
This space will be given to suppliers of retail technology. Smart systems that help plan the assortment. Technologies for inventory management and procurement automation. IT-development to stimulate sales. All the latest and most interesting solutions for retail business in one place.
International Business Center
A zone for accommodation of foreign delegations. We will arrange convenient personal offices for negotiations for suppliers of goods from different countries.
Fashion city
A shopping area with showrooms of fashion brands. We will deploy the podium to show clothes in the most attractive form. It will be convenient for presentations of new collections. An important event of the Fashion City will also be an auction of fashion-franchises. Its participants will get a chance to buy a popular franchise at a low price.
Healthy Farm
Another grocery store, but with fresh products. And it is not just vegetables and fruits. It is also baking, desserts, cooking: everything that is produced right in the store and sold within 24 hours. Displays for the most successful demonstration of goods in the fresh category. In addition, the equipment necessary to organize such a zone in your shop.
City of Beauty and Health
A small cozy shop: cosmetics, healthy food, goods for beauty salons and fitness centers. Be sure to make MAKE-UP BAR with professional make-up artists - for the girls-guests of the Convention.
City of Childhood
Children's goods store. Carriages and car seats. Goods for baby care, for bathing and feeding. Children's clothes and shoes. The most interesting, most unusual toys from suppliers from all over the world.
City of exporters
A special place at the site of the Convention, where the goods of the best Kazakhstani exporters will be presented. The purpose of this city is to attract more attention of foreign retailers and enhance the effect of negotiations with suppliers.
City of new products
We provide suppliers of goods with unique opportunity to present their new products in the special area - The City of New Products. This will provoke great interest of retailers and all participants of the Convention and will enable suppliers to declare themselves immediately to all market players
City of masters
One part of this zone will be framed as a strict DIY-hypermarket: laconic shelves with goods for home and repair. Another part will be a "Cozy house" in the truest sense of the word.
I want to participate in the exhibition as an exhibitor!
Three large congresses will be held in the conference area:
Gala Dinner and the 3rd Beauty and Erudition Contest among the ladies involved into retail business. You will take part in different competitions, taste products of international suppliers and spend pleasant time in the cirle of fellow-thinkers
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